The NDR group focuses on promoting collaboration amongst regulatory agencies on oil and natural gas data management standards, with a particular focus on national data repositories.


During the period 2006 to 2017, the Energistics Consortium hosted the NDR workgroup and provided logistical support for events as well as a locus for communication and archiving activities. In 2018 the NDR Group decided to dissociate from Energistics and manage their activity independently. This website contains all the information on the 2006-2017 period: events, newsletters and documents hosted by Energistics during that period.


Regulatory agencies all over the world have the shared problem of receiving, storing and releasing huge quantities of data – initially seismic and log data. This problem increases every year as the technology of the oil industry suppliers delivers more and more data.

To overcome these problems, National Data Repositories (NDRs) began to emerge. As NDRs emerged about 20 years ago, some of the early adopters in the UK and Norway started an embryonic movement to get Regulators to cooperate in developing these repositories. This was very informal until 2008 when Energistics created a specific work group within its SIG organizational structures.

The NDR Work Group continued to operate within Energistics until 2018, at which point the group expressed the wish to dissociate its core activity (the meetings) from Energistics. While Energistics continues to engage with the group and take part in meetings, NDR is no longer part of the SIG and Work Group structures of Energistics.


The primary objective of this group is to develop and coordinate global meetings for work group members and interested parties to work through common issues and develop requirements for data repository standards by consensus.

Regulatory agencies and other interested organizations are encouraged to get involved. Inquiries may be directed to the NDR secretary here.

NDR Meetings

Energistics participated and coordinated the NDR meetings from 2006 (NDR 7) through 2017 (NDR 2017), see the archive here  (NDR8 is missing).

Subsequent NDR meetings such as NDR 2019 (Utrecht October 14-17 2019) were directly managed by the NDR group.

Production Reporting

Data Collection by National Regulators

This document describes a data structure for the standardized reporting of oil production and associated data to national regulators. It also provides a convenient structure for the storage and transmission of such data. This document will be used by the PRODML SIG to develop a fit-for-purpose data-object for use by regulatory agencies.


The Energistics NDR Work Group periodic newsletters issued between 2013 and 2017, are here.

Country Index

This index page has not been updated recently, some materials from NDR2017 may be more recent.

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