NDR11 Conference Proceedings
The conference proceedings comprise the six seperate documents listed below:Foreward and Summary of the Meeting (PDF, 335KB)
Annex A: List of Delegates (PDF, 561KB)
Annex B: Conference Programme (PDF, 456KB)
Annex C: Report on the Country Reports (PDF, 334KB)
Annex D: Breakout Reports (PDF, 713KB)
Annex E: Delegate Feedback and Analysis (PDF, 459KB)
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Presentation Countries (PDF, 4474KB)
Country Reports
Algeria (PDF, 222KB) (PDF, 92 KB)
Angola (PDF, 3MB) (PDF, 114KB)
Australia (PDF, 52KB)
Azerbaijan (PDF, 153KB)
Brazil (PDF, 4160KB)
Canada (PDF, 349KB)
Colombia (PDF, 1504KB) (PDF, 92 KB)
Ghana (PDF, 3782KB) (PDF, 84KB)
Kenya (PDF, 3144KB) (PDF, 109KB)
Malaysia (PDF, 486KB)
Mexico (PDF, 342KB)
Mozambique (PDF, 83KB)
Netherlands (PDF, 2300KB)
Norway (PDF, 868KB)
Oman (PDF, 1674KB)
Pakistan (PDF, 2231KB)
South Africa (PDF, 19379KB)
Suriname (PDF, 1964KB)
Uganda (PDF, 2046KB)
United Kingdom (PDF, 100KB)

Country Presentations

Azerbaijan (PDF, 4179KB)
Breakout Session “Defining & Measuring Data Quality” (PDF, 1420KB)
Ghana Video (MP4, 133358KB)
Landmark (PDF, 4117KB)
Malaysia (PDF, 1421KB)
Pakistan Video (WMV, 15491KB)
Schlumberger (PDF, 2996KB)