Delegate Tours

Delegate Tours

The NDR2017 Executive Committee was pleased to offer the following complimentary delegate tours.

Tour No. 1: Green Mountain – The most secure and greenest data center in Scandinavia.

Green Mountain AS designs, builds and operates high security, robust wholesale co-location data centres. The data centre near Stavanger (DC1-Stavanger) is built deep inside a mountain in a former high security NATO ammunition store. It operates on 100% low cost renewable power and use of free cooling creates unique power efficiency. The data centre has achieved Uptime Institute Tier III certification as the only Nordic co-location provider. In addition, the data centre has achieved ISO 9001,  ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certification. Green Mountain is one of the largest operators in the sector in Norway with clients in Finance, IT, Government, Health, O&G and others.

Tour No. 2: The Norwegian Petroleum Museum

The Petroleum Museum in Stavanger provides a modern interactive setting for experiencing how oil and gas were created millions of years ago, how petroleum is found and how it is used. The museum also provides insights into technological developments in the petroleum sector, and the way this industry has affected Norwegian society.

Norway’s oil history began in the mid-1960s, when negotiations on dividing lines in the North Sea had been completed. The Ministry of Industry established an oil office and the first licensing round was announced.

The museum presents historical developments from the first rigs drilling in the North Sea, via steel and concrete platforms developed and built in Norway, to flexible modern production ships and subsea systems which seem to be the future on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Tour No. 3: NPD’s Core Store and IRIS ULLRIG visit

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) stores core samples and drill cuttings from exploration and production wells on the Norwegian shelf. In addition, the NPD has oil and reference samples for geochemical standards.

Ullrigg is a full size offshore-style triple rig, situated at Ullandhaug in Stavanger, Norway. It’s the world’s most advanced test facility for drilling and well technologies.